“Luke Jermay – Sixth Sense” opened to critical and commercial success in the heart of London’s West End in the main house of the Leicester Square Theatre in 2013. Here is a small collection of press reviews.

“Jermay is mind blowing. You would be out of your mind to miss this show!” - The Sun

“My jaw dropped repeatedly… Jermay puts us in a state where we can wonder whether life has more possibilities than we thought it did an hour before” - The Times

“Jermay is different…to gain power like his he must be in league with the devil.  Utterly astonishing in the extreme.” - The Edinburgh Evening News

“The biggest mystery remaining to be answered must be how long before Jermay is packing out theatres across the country?” - All Edinburgh Theatre

“His is an extraordinary gift, definitely in league with the devil…You will simply not believe your eyes and ears. A genius of mind reading” - Remote Goat

“Unaccountably on the money and charismatic to boot…Make sure you go and catch this show, it’s a bit of a spellbinder!” - The Gay Times

“Unbelievably amazing” - West End Frame

“His telepathic skills are quite remarkable…Sixth Sense is a really great experience and quality entertainment. You should go. Jermay already knows you are coming…” - Camden New Journal

“Jermay does outrageous things that are inexplicable – over and over again…He really can just look at you and know what you’re thinking…” - Broadway Baby

“The man is the Devil, pure and simple…he is spookily accurate, which left us wondering whether to applaud or run screaming in terror…anyone interested in mind reading, mysticism or simply a bloody fun bit of theatre should see Sixth Sense right now.” - The Void

“Watching Jermay read someones mind was an absolute delight the participants facial expressions & reactions were exquisite…Sixth Sense sure to keep you on your toes, switching between the sensation of shock and the stimulation of laughing.” - The Upcoming

“Jermay performs feats that ought to be impossible… Give up trying to understand it, go in open-minded and enjoy the evening for what it is. INCREDIBLE.” - BLT Reviews